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Bunk-Ass, is gaining popularity rather quickly. It means bad, shitty(usually sports-related) but it is directed a ta specific person.
Bunk-ass is taken from bunk
*friend takes shot in basketball, shot misses*

"man you're bunk-ass -_-' ,dip my team"
by ryu_shah November 22, 2011
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An ugly person with little inhibtions that is usually female.

Also can be used as an adjective for an object of poor quality
those bunkass girls were drooling over those guys, from two places!

that bunk ass chair was rotted
by Sra. Jay January 11, 2006
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Bad, horrible, shitty, awful.

Tony didn't help us with our group project at all-all of the info that he gave us was BUNKASS.

What a waste of my day! That's so bunkass!
by A March 06, 2005
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When one has a combonation of swamp ass, and mud butt.
Person A: Why does this chair smell like actual poop?
Person B: Because Dean was sitting there. He's got a case of bunk ass.
Person A: He's got the bunk ass? That's fucking disgusting.

Example 2
Person A: HAHAHA! Hey guys! I have bunk ass!
Person B: And you're happy about this why?
by Joemanjoe December 13, 2007
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