Something that is bad or shouldn't be true
If Disneyland completely shut down then you could say that's bunk
by Gamemaster May 17, 2016
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Something that is ineffective, shitty, worthless, low quality, defective.
This Jeep is sick but it gets 12 miles per gallon. The gas millage is bunk.

I bought some weed from dealer and he said it was gas but it was bunk. He just lost my business.
by LordQuisiModo October 4, 2020
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amazingphil said it to tell his internet fans he's not having sex that night
"okay internet im going to bed now"
top or bottom bunk phil?
"no bunk!!!!!!"
by amazingchildisnotonfire September 16, 2013
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Used to describe something shitty.
That weed was bunk
by Linz February 22, 2004
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Bogus. Not genuine. Counterfeit. A total sham. Illegitimate. Nonsense.
Don't listen to her man, that's bunk.
by Zina December 14, 2006
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playing traunt, skipping school, missing lessons, can also apply to religious lessons
adam: i didnt see you in maths man?!
z: screw maths, i was bunking man, i went down my mates yard to watch the exorcist!
adam: cool!
(the next day)
teacher: z, why did you bunk maths yesterday?
z: coz i felt like it, what the hell are you gonna do?
teacher: ummm.....
by ismail February 10, 2005
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slang; meaning wack or extremely strange, originating on a low rent island in Maine. For some thing to be bunk it must make you want to cry laugh hysterically or most commonly; run for you life.
Ex: you live in a basement on the island down stairs from Bill Green’s kid and a half goat… wow that is bunk
by T-mack 1 February 11, 2010
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