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Phonetic Spelling - Bumph-peeng luhv-leez

To make love by thrusting the pelvis forward tenderly, in a delightful pleasingly provocative manner, esp. to the accompaniment of an accented musical beat. Act is accentuated by dim candlelight causing joyous explosions of happiness.


1560–70; imit.

bef. 900; ME luvelich, OE luflīc amiable. See love, -ly

circa 2010 - english - fitzsimmons - ngainay nipay
1. My dear. Your beauty is unparalleled. I would like to engage in "Bumping Lovelies" with you.

2. Ohhh girl! Did you see who she's "Bumping Lovelies" with? Ummm mmm...She got her a lil' sumthing sumthin'

3. Oh hell no...I is fine! I'm not bumping uglies! I'm "Bumping Lovelies."

4. I love Bumping Lovelies with ya girl but everytime we do, yo mamma says we smell like Budussy. Are ya kidding me? Seriously?
by Ngai-Nipay December 02, 2010
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