when you snap your head back. like when you hit a mexican from behind in a bumber car
J.D: ow you just gave me the old mexican bumper car!
vince: awsome!
by fatimus maximo September 9, 2007
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When one sneaks chili onto the bumper car ride, completes one lap, then proceeds to eat as much chili as possible while spilling as little as possible. A tablespoon must be used, and it is important to avoid the many children who will target chili-eaters on the bumper cars. It is also recommended to wear all white during the challenge.
Person 1: "Hey man, wanna do the Bumper Car Chili Challenge?"

Person 2: "Sure, I'll go get a camera and some oily chili!"
by Poopitydoodoi July 29, 2016
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A person who is often wrongly l labeled a hot mess, or train wreck, but they are actually trying to do the right thing or better themselves only to wind up in a situation they can’t escape from no matter what they do.
She has tried many different paths in life, but she never succeeds and makes things worse than before. Her whole life is one big bumper car clusterfuck.
by gogeauxf June 10, 2021
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so day-man, did you take the lady to play a little tea cups and bumper cars this weekend?
by nagode September 15, 2009
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