teeth that are yellowed, misaligned, and generally unattractive.
He's got bumblebees in his mouth!
by chris623 June 26, 2009
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A sexual maneuver in which partner A places a double-ended dildo in his or her anus and proceeds to slap partner B with the free end of the dildo.
"Yeah. Last night was so hot. I thought I knew all the tricks in the book, but then she pulled out a dildo and gave me a bumblebee."
by shabby123456 April 05, 2009
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often used while the victim is standing nearby, so that they get confused, and basically, you can call them a bitch without them knowing
cate:Omg! Max! Guess what? Omg! Poke! Poke! You are so cute!
max (to allison) : she is so annoying! she is such a bumblebee
allison: fo real.
cate: (with stupid look on face) whaaaa?
allison: oh, nothing....
by carolineeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 10, 2009
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the gayest and most loserish character on transformers, that my retarded little cousin (who i only hang out with coz i feel sorry for her) went to a party dressed as.

(i went as megatron = tre` cool)

ash - shutup bumblebee
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
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One who chooses to disengage from social interactions, goes to sleep early, or refuses any form of partying due to being the smallest form of a “pussy” mankind could conceive.
*Phone rings*
Friend 1: “Hey man, me and some of the boys are heading down to the quad for a sick rage-r. You down?”

Friend 2: “Sorry brosef, I think I am going to take a nap like a lil’ bumblebee twat
by Yeaha Shuryabetcha June 20, 2019
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1. When having sexual intercourse with a woman, shove a vibrator so far into her anus that she runs around and screams.

2. A 7-11 limited edition slushie flavor in honor of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
Hey Doug, I gave Sharon a nice bumblebee blast last night.
by Dixie Normous Ferreal July 08, 2009
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The huge sun glasses that every mtv california wannabe girl wears. They are mostly used to cover up %65 of your face. This is either because the girl did not put on makeup this morning or she wants to look like every other girl on the street so that men see the glasses instead of their true ugliness.
me: "Hey look at that hot chick over there!"
other person: "Where, I dont see her?"
me: "Next to the ugly chick trying to look hot in those bumblebee glasses
by Matthew Brady July 08, 2006
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