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The act of completely dominating a conversation, whether amongst a crowd or an intimate conversation. the "Bulldozer" can be anyone, inebriated or not, so long as everyone else that has something can't, simply because the said person just talks louder to drown them out.
Tim: Hey guys i went to th...
Shannon: Man, i was over at the mall yesterday, and i say this movie, it was cool.
Jim: What were you saying, Tim?
Tim: Oh, just that i went and saw Iron ma...
Shannon: You'll never guess who i say at the mall yesterday! Fuckin Lance!
Tim: Dude, im getting out of the way of this bulldozing, i can't say shit.
by likmeyuengling June 09, 2010
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when driving in your car you aproach a croswalk with people waiting to cross. you kindly wave tem across then as soon as they are driectly infront of your car you run them over
I drove through parking lot nad started bulldozing people
by Petey Walnut March 10, 2005
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-the act of intercourse between a male and female when the female has a tampon in place and the male 'bulldozes' it up into the female's gastro-intestinal system.
Even though she was on her period, Chantel made Shakook bulldoze the tampon out of the way and get that shit flowing.

Even though it was done gently, bulldozing caused Sharon's lungs to burst and she died instantly.

Needless to say, bulldozing takes the life of millions every year.
by King Boogernose III September 29, 2009
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