An old perv who only wants to date and have sex with younger girls OR just any guy who dates girls that are younger than him because hes shallow and only cares about sex.
Hugh Hefner is a Bull Dog.
by #1 OHHHH yeah May 01, 2010
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Bulldogs(A player of league of legends also refers as OwenDaGamer) is a first class faggot, his brain is as small as his penis he likes to go around acting like he is the best shit, he is actually fucking terrible at life and league of legends his childhood was corrupted after been beaten by his dad several times, if you see him dont bother to talk back to him as you will be dick slapped in the face. He will then ask you for a 1v1 on league of legends, if you say yes hes likely to dodge it and say he got ddosed(denial of service)he's actually the most pathetic player on league of legends and a pile of garbage.
Me: Owen you suck dick 1v1 me.
BullDogs(Owendagamer): haha fucking ok then scrub
Me: Log on league Of Legends now
Owendagamer(Owendagamer): fuck you you're not even worth my time you smelly scrub.
by loluwotfat December 04, 2014
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verb. When a guy who is naked bends over and is viewed from behind and not only showes his butt, but also his penis and scrotum/testicles.
That guy in the shower just bulldogged me!
by NeptuneCZM April 24, 2011
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The worst team in NRL. All players are crimals and should be in jail. .Worst of all is former member Willie Mason..

The bulldogs get flogged by the best team the Brisbane Broncos!!!!!!!!!

Person 1 - Did you see that game on the weekend against the Broncos?
Person 2 - Yeah! The bulldogs were bulldoged!!

Example 2. - That guy is such a criminal. Yeah he should play for the bulldogs!

Example 3 - Person 1 : Did you see the Broncos - Panthers game on the weekend??!!
Person 2: Yeah the Panthers were Bulldoged!

Antonyms - Broncos
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1.When a woman's vagina resembles the face/cheeks of a bull dog.
"Dude, you get with Sarah last night?"
"Yeah, bro. I went down on her, and it's a total bull dog. It was like making out with a roast beef sandwich."
by Madisonjman April 09, 2010
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