A non-insulting Indonesian word which actually came from Javanese language meaning white people.

All of the white people of European descent is usually referred to as "Bule".

The word itself in Javanese literally means albino, which is why some of the white people do not like to be called bule.
Hey, I met that bule yesterday!
by Haczerlo August 24, 2011
A word that people in Indonesia use to refer to foreign people that are usually Caucasian.

It's mostly used by women since Indonesian chicks especially love the BWC.
by Soul_Driver April 16, 2021
Pronounced the same as the motorcycle company, Buell.

a word that can mean just about anything, depending on the context used. Started out as another word for bullshit. Originated in Cedar Falls, IA at Cedar Falls High School. There are various words that branched off of this word, such as: bugle, tugle, bugle my tugle, and anything else you can think of that isn't a real word but can branch off of bule.
"Quit putting me on bule." - means bullshit
"Let's go bule quick." -let's go smoke some weed
"Let's go have a bule." -let's go smoke a cigarette
"Why are you bulein'?" -why are you bull-shitting?
"You've bugled my tugle for the last time." -you've bullshitted me for the last time.
by No_Swag_In_Iowa August 18, 2011
An Indonesian word that just means "white people". Sometimes it can also mean "foreigner" in general. It can mean either singular or plural (Indonesian word does not differentiate)

It is by no mean derogatory term and most Indonesian who use the word would not mean any offense. People who think it is an insult clearly don't know what they are talking about and just assume it is a slur.

There was even a show on the national TV called Bule Gila (Crazy foreigner).
A: Guru yang mengajar kelas bahasa inggris ku orang bule loh! (A: The teacher who teach my English class is a bule!)
B: Beneran nih? Jealous! (B: Really? I'm jealous!)
Di Bali aku ketemu banyak bule. (In Bali I met a lot of bules)
by kupek August 28, 2020
1. means "boris" but "taga bukids" mispronounce it.. also known as "b" or "bu"..
2. made famous by Gingging.
taga bukid: ni adto kong mama nya ni ana ko "'ma, asa mag remote sa silong??.. ni-ana syaa "ayaw kay natuhug na's B (or buling).. ni-ana ko "kinsa man nang B, niya ni-ana sya kato kuno'ng buling.. ana ko "ahh".. pag-adto nako's silong wala man gahigda... ka compute man diay!
by ye_bly March 17, 2005
Mexican term for cool, usually from the north of mexico (chihuahua).
Orale vato, esta bule esa rola.

Hey dude, thats a cool song.
by Nearfall321 October 26, 2010
A chicano slang phrase meaning "dude." With a tilde emphasis on the e. Bull-eh
by Big Auggie January 26, 2009