A Build-a-Bear is a man or person who lacks the basic ability to keep and maintain a healthy relationship. They often have much potential, but never seek it out. They lack common decency and are often looking for a booty call. They bring a person to love them and don’t have intentions to make it real.
“You still talkin to that Build-a-Bear?” “Girl, he’s a Build-a-Bear. Don’t waste your time or he will waste yours!” “You deserve so much better than a Build-a-Bear!”
by The Poet Hoe December 16, 2022
The process of shaving your full beard and leaving the trimmings floating in the toilet bowl, at which point you use said toilet bowl to take a crap, thereby coating your feces in the hair which now resembles a stuffed animal that can be presented to your girlfriend or wife.
Hey honey! I went to build a bear today! Come check it out!
by kanute August 20, 2010
Nick: Bro I'm in build a bear with Luke and Hughes!
These lot looking at cuddly charmanders.
Verb; the subtle way of describing a sexual action carried out by lesbian lovers.
After building a bear with my lover, Andrea, we fell fast asleep in each others lesbian arms.
by Fancyhuh October 20, 2011
A (playful) term/phrase that refers to FTM or trans-masculine individuals who begin taking testosterone (gender affirming hormones) AND start an intensive work-out routine at the same time; the joke being that the person in question is “building” themselves into a “bear” (bear as in a hairy and/or large gay man.)
Person 1: “Did I tell you I ran into Ed at the gym yesterday? He looked like he was hitting the weights really hard.”
Person 2: “Good for him, if I were just starting on T I’d be excited to bulk up too!”
Person 1: “LOL yeah, talk about Build-A-Bear tho.”
by CountFlagula January 3, 2023
To do the number two...bathroom-wise
"Man burritos always makes me have to build a bear, a big fucking bear."
by Informalskin January 22, 2008
When you are shaving a woman huge bush while she is taking a shit. The hair falls onto the shit creating your very own stuffed animal. Congratulations you just performed your first "Build a Bear"!
Russel: Wow that bush is big - Can I shave it?
Female: I'm not sure... maybe after I take a shit
Russel: Why don't we just "Build a Bear"?
Female: What is that?
Russell: Let me show you ...Mwuahahahah *evil Russel laugh*
by RR300 May 24, 2011