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London slang term for over pumped up aged gay type living in gay ghettos of south london . (Originally from BUFF (B52 WW1 Bomber) dissmissed by its crew as (Bit Ugly Fatt Fucker). Usually obsessed with self image, materialism, drugs, parties, group sex, being fake and desperate for attention. Usually found at HardOn having mutiple anonymous sex partners and then anywhere afterwards until the drugs wear off. Often have internet profiles in sunglasses with me & my partner looking a bit spaced out. Puff is old slang for Poof or particularly effeminate camp type of gay man.
BUFF Puff As Above..often found on gaydar
by aLondoner December 30, 2009
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Term describing nude Powerpuff Girls. AKA Powerpuffs in the Buff, Naked Puffs, Nudie Puffs, Powerpuff hentai, Powerpants Girls, etc. Can be applied to the girls in sexual situations, dressing, or just being in their birthday suits with no ill or perverse intentions.
Volt: Hey look I found some PPG porn. D: They be litle Buff Puffs.
Cem: They look like little hands. D:
Volt: Holy crap. They do! O.o
by Volt November 08, 2004
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