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In short, sort of the crotch-rocket division of Harley Davidson. Buell is actually America's only significant sportbike brands.

The company is based in East Troy, Wisconsin, and it was founded by ex-Harley engineer, Erik Buell.

Buell started building bikes back in 1983 when Buell himself took Harley's Sporster engine and bolted to his own frame. Today, Buell builds some of the best bikes with the most unconventionally attractive design cues, such as their transparent, colored fairings and the full-rim disc brakes. These bikes definitely stand out in any crowd.

Currently, Buell has three models. Their entry level model is the Blast which uses a 492cc, 34bhp, single cylinder. The Ulysses is an adventure sport bike that is very capable on and off the road. It uses a 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin. Buell's naked bike or streetfighter is the Lightning. There are four trim levels: XB12S, XB12Ss, XB9SX, & XB12Scg.

-XB12S: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin
-XB12Ss: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin
-XB9SX: 984cc, 92bhp, V-Twin
-XB12Scg: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin

Buell's top-of-the-line bike is the Firebolt which is available as the XB12R or the XB9R.

-XB12R: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin
-XB9R: 984cc, 92bhp, V-Twin

Buells are awesome.

I just got a Buell Lightning XB12S and now those girls are all over me for a ride.
by VooDooXII August 30, 2006
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Fantastic motorcycles for people who want to stand out from the crowd.
The one that everybody admires
by gerbil August 13, 2004
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1. To completely fuck something up
2. To waste time
3. Complete and utter confusion
4. A noob
Wow, Bruce managed to completely buell up the trip to the grocery store.

Gretchen is so useless, she's been buelling aimlessly all day.
by Sassycow December 16, 2008
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