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Adjective. A feeling or appearance of fatness or bloatedness, ugliness, tiredness, stressfulness, and frustration. Being in a state of grossness which prohibits one from excelling in their daily activities and being productive. One who is buckus is usually dressed in dirty or scrubby clothes, with messy hair, oily skin, and has a unsettling odor.
After getting trashed last night, I woke up looking like ass and had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, as I shoveled enormous amounts of fast food into my mouth, my sister said to me, " God you are pretty buckus."
by Ali October 11, 2004
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An international movement affecting people of all kinds resulting in a shocking number of lazy, bored, self destructive, self hating people. Buckus may not not be a desired quality to some, however, Buckus shold be emraced and respected by all.

The world of Buckus:
Buck- adjective, short for Buckus.
Buckury- adjective, used to describe an event that was Buckus. ( " My day was complete and total Buckury.)
Bucktober Fest- A time starting in October lasting indefinately where being Buckus is to be highly embraced. People may find Bucktober Fest a good time to indulge their buckus side, while perhaps consuming as much food as their heart desires and sleeping and complaining as need be.
Buck-tose-intolerant- noun. Someone or something that does not appreciate Buckus and makes those who are or are being buckus feel bad for their buckusness.
The winter ahead looks cold and undesirable, which is why I will be observing Bucktober Fest now, for this will me allow to get all my buck feelings and actions out.
by Ali and Kat October 16, 2004
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