When you are having sex doggie-style with a woman and she reaches through her legs and tickles your balls!
I was hitting it from the back and my girl gave me a Buckner as I was pounding.
by Crattler September 5, 2009
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The art of getting completely naked when bringing a girl home (without her knowledge).
I brought this chick back last night and pulled a Buckner when she went to the bathroom.
by Yark83 October 20, 2007
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To Lean Forward on the toilet after taking a dump, and look down through your legs into the bowl in admiration of the log you left behind.

Derived from Boston Red Sox 1st Baseman Bill Buckner, who watched the winning hit of game six of the 1986 World Series, go through his legs.
That shit i took felt like it may have had some blood in it, so i had to Buckner to see if i should seek medical attention
by Buteramerica April 24, 2009
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through ones legs or five hole.This being taken from Bill Buckner(first baseman for 86' Boston Red Sox) who let a routine ground ball go through his legs to lose game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
The infielder tried to make a play on the ball but it bucknered through his legs.
by Jim Donovan May 9, 2006
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To be surprised by an unforeseen outcome. A result of placing too much faith or trust in an individual, only to be betrayed. When betrayal by a close friend or colleague comes as a complete surprise.
I really trusted what (she/he) said, I can’t believe I got bucknered again.
by King Skipper August 27, 2018
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