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Buckett is a really really hot guy. He gets all the girls. He is shy at first and doesn’t really speak much but once you get to know him he is the sweetest thing ever and you will never won’t to loose him. He is the best boyfriend any girl could ever have and only one girl can have him because he is very loyal and would never ever cheat on anyone. He gets amazing grades in school and he is amazing at soccer and hockey. He likes to stay with he close friends but all the girls want to be with him and willl only let that one girl that is one year younger then him talk to him because they like each other but are to afraid to say anything because she is younger and he is older (only by one year) that will end up together one day😊
Buckett is soooo hot and nice😍
by Johnny.athens June 27, 2018
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A Buckett Is a frase used toward female dat has been used by manny PEOPLE; A hoe; more than one dick from the block has been in and outta her.
Man you know dat gurl kenia? I herd she wuz a buckett down in alapatta...
by New Money February 04, 2008
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