Buccos is another name used for the MLB team the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pirates, often referred to as buccaneers, received this nickname when announcer Bob Prince called them the Bucs for short. Hence the nickname Bucs or Buccos.
"The Buccos just got swept by the Phillies!"
"Yes, again."
by Stueball May 23, 2010
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To deliberately misquote someone in an effort to discredit him or her
man you totally bucco'd me last night in front of that girl!
by Facietiously Serious December 25, 2009
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(noun) buck-oh - deragatory slang used to identify any sausage and pepper eating new jersey italian. see WOP.
I can't believe I married a Bucco.
by Peter Marie November 19, 2007
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referring to the amount of sense or meaning a particular subject of conversation makes
Person 1: I have 3 heads.
Person 2: That makes no buccos.
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A home-run hit at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, by a Pirates player. Considering that the Pirates suck, they are fairly rare.
A: "Did you see Garrett Jones just hit that BUCCO BLAST?"

B: "No, I don't watch the Pirates, they suck."
by CWilli May 15, 2010
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