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Brupper is another name for lunch. The word brupper is half way between breakfast and supper as is lunch.
by Tim Bradley August 05, 2006
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a combination of breakfast/lunch (brunch) and supper to form one super end-all meal.
"Dude, I only got to eat one meal today, but it was a good brupper meal."
by MrZellmer October 14, 2007
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Brupper is a meal combing breakfast and supper eaten in the middle of the night. The word is derived on the same principle as brunch, which is a meal in-between breakfast and lunch.

Traditionally, brupper includes gin and nachos, but may extend to party leftovers, crackers with cheese, or even just a bottle of vodka chilled in the freezer. Folk wisdom suggests that the combination of cheese and alcohol is an effective soporific.
Jane was having difficulty sleeping, so she got out bed and had some gin and cheese for brupper.
by Yildo December 02, 2011
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Not eating for almost an entire day, then combining the meals of Breakfast and Supper.
I need some Brupper or I'll pass out.
by Yohn November 03, 2003
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