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1. Of or pertaining to being hosed or hoodwinked by the principles of a guy named Bruce.

2. Being overwhelmed my techno mumbo jumbo, when a simple yes or no answer would suffice

3. When a costly piece of technical equipment is missing from the office, and months later is located at Bruce's house being used as a doorstop, all unbeknownst to Bruce.
1. "Bruce told us the software upgrade would problem."
"Well guess what, it DOESN't work!"
"Dude, you've been Brucified."

2. "Bruce, can we use the extra computer on your desk?"
1. "Well, if the USB port is not compatible with the 9 pin, the RCA cable could work, but it's the interface within the firewall that utlimately won't synch with the EMT."

3. Look what I found!
Are you kidding? I've been looking for that forever! Where did you find that?
Bruce's wife called. Said she the rennovation was complete and the door didn't need to be propped open any longer.
by adobegal February 07, 2007
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Pronounced 'Bruce-if-eyed'

When someone(most likely a mean friend) steals your mobile phone and changes all your contact's names to 'Bruce'.

"Fs my phone's been brucified!"

"Those wankers brucified my phone!"
by Laynayzay...? November 02, 2008
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