You know how there is Eskimo kisses? Well get ready for browsing. It’s very simple. You just put your eyebrows together and wiggle
Me and cole were browsing the other day and I really feel like we’ve become closer
by Bitch named Becky January 16, 2020
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Legend has it that this term means watching porn. Actually I know for a fact that’s what it means.
Seth (In Class)- Yo Ralph what the hell are you doing!?
Ralph- Bro im just browsing, shut up!
Seth- Your browsing on the school computers! Lmao ur fucked up bro!
by EricSparks May 20, 2021
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lmao are you really so bored that you have to look around for words to search next
you: *searches hi, hey, and hello *what do i search now? i have nothing to search now and im so bored *looks around and sees browse*
by chickenwang_wrld June 6, 2020
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the action of moving your eyebrows
I am able to browse quickly and I impressed my peers.
by junifer the tree October 17, 2015
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What you're doing right now! We'll, you're reading right now, but to get to this page, you had to BROWSE this site!
After I get done with this entry, I'm going to browse for more words.
by Sebastian A. November 26, 2006
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Browsing, is the process of generating fake GPS on Grindr, Inmessage, etc. with a dumb ass dude/miss or old fool then move the him/her to hangout or text me or another platform not to get caught by him/her that you fake, and gradually extort money from them.
Tee: what do you do for a living

Das: "browsing"

Tee: what have you been doing since morning
Das: I have been "browsing" using my laptop
by Tinu_0 December 30, 2020
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Browse is to search the internet for anything or links and stuff were you're just looking at stuff.
You: I'm going to browse my wife's search history!
You: I've seen to much...
by Know Your Memes November 25, 2018
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