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The sweetest, most delicious kind of sugar there is - only available from the lips of the one and only, the most gorgeous, beautiful girl in the world, H. Browne.

It's sweet and it's soft, delicate but overpowering, it will make your knees weak, your heart flutter and will take your breath away. It will keep you awake at night but also make you sleep like a baby. When I'm getting my Browne Sugar, I'm in heaven. It's more prized than diamonds, more valuable than platinum and it's all mine. There's nothing on this planet like it.
Ummmhhhmmmm, boy like him some Browne Sugar!

Hey baby, come give me some of that Browne Sugar.

I'm addicted to Browne sugar.

I can't get enough of your sugar baby. Come here and gime some of that Browne Suuugar
by BrowneSugarLover September 15, 2010
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