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To Brown Cap is to accidentally poop while attempting to break wind. The term generally refers to a sold turd as opposed to wet shit (see loose poopies, i.e. shart), that results from an over exerted attempt to fart. It can also reference an 'almost' turd beginning to be released while pushing a difficult fart, that's allowed to slip back into the anus.
Damn, I was digesting that t-bone an hour after dinner on the way to the Mozart festival. I lifted my left cheek, figuring my date wouldn't notice a crisp one, considering the road noise. To my surprise, I started to brown cap and almost lost control of the car. Once there, I double checked my boxers for tell-tale skid marks.
by Big Ed Moustapha March 17, 2009
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To have anal sex without a condom, withdraw and let the chick lick the poo off your dick.
"Dude I gave this chick a brown cap last night"
"Your a beast man"
by Psychedellica February 03, 2008
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