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a first or preliminary model of a bro, from which other bros are developed or copied
Ex. 1. Pledges, Brother X is your Brototype of how to dress. 2. The Varlet should act as your Brototype.
by HebrewLightning October 30, 2009
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When two or more bro's find a new man date activity, but more testing is needed to see if it can be a regular thing.
A: Bro, lets check out that new club.
B: Sure, I'm down for a brototype.
by keyvanprince April 10, 2009
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Man who publically Bro-hugs at every available chance he gets thinking it's an original and sincere show of affection
No example needed for bro-totype
by My Pal Al July 06, 2017
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