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The shortest possible abbreviation of "Cool stroy bro."
"Cool story bro" itself is said to someone when they say something which is often boring or unrelated to the topic of conversation.

Distaste and disinterest in the topic is implied through the sarcastic remark, "cool story bro". Of course, the story was not cool - that is the point.

"Cool story bro" was changed to "Brool story co" in order to add slightly more variety to an over-used phrase. This became contracted to simply "brool".
John: "did you see the match yesterday? What a goal!"
Tom: "nah, saw the highlights though - keeper looked awful."
James: "i like cats"

Either Tom or John: "brool".

The initial conversation then resumes.
by jarry999 February 01, 2012
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The word "Brool" is, initially a synonym for the words "chill" or "Relax" ( see Ex: 1 )
However, the word may also be used to replace any verb or given the right context ( running = brooling, relaxed=brooled, fighting = brooling ) (see Ex: 2)
Ex1: "Hey david what's up man,"

" Nothing much, just brooling out."
" Brool out bro you'll get a victory royale next time"
Ex2: " David there's a crazy party downtown get over here."
" KK im brooling fast as fuck yo"


" Yo let's get this victory royale im looted to the max"
" Ya same bro im so brooled out right now.
by Brooled out Bobby February 15, 2018
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It´s a mix of the word Cool and the swedish word Bra (it means Good in english)
Nr 1: Wanna do something this weekend???
Nr 2: Sure
Nr 1: Brool!
by Coolish ;) July 01, 2009
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A filthy concoction, emitting a putrifying stench.
Within the witch's cave the smell of the brool was unbearable. Don't goag me chaplain.
by Anonymoustache October 02, 2005
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