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A defining physical characteristic of an individual from the Indian subcontinent pertaining to their skin color.

Popularized by Bollywood bloggers when describing actors and actresses from the Bollywood movie industry. Lately, Hollywood actors and actresses have tried to impersonate this defining characteristic to look attractive on screen.
Person 1: Wow, checkout the bronzed god over there!
Person 2: I bet he is Indian.
by joshp December 30, 2014
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The act of turning someone into a bronze statue. This is done either just for fun, because they are annoying, or just for the hell of it.
"Dude that Bible preacher guy wouldn't be quiet!" - Jerod
"I dunno he was pretty hot if you ask me" - Laura
"Well... I just bronzed his ass"- Reed
by PlanetDahmz July 11, 2010
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