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Best friends you can chill with. Comes from the word "Bro" and "homies"
Mom Im going to Adams to chill with the Bromies
by Kaner28 July 27, 2009
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What a girl's boyfriend may call his guy friends, when to you, bromies are HIS friends you refer to BedRoom Only homies. The guys who act like a guys friend when really they are sleeping with thier friends girlfriends.
Eg. So tonight we are hanging with Eric. My fave BROmies of Brandon's. We are gonna oogle each other all night in front of Brandon, then when Brandon crashes it'll be me & my fave Eric. ;)
by nunyabiznezzus November 26, 2013
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A combination of Bro and a Homie. That guy who's got your back when things get rough. The spoon to your cereal, the case for your phone. He went from your Basic Homie to your Brother. Now he's your Bromy... The perfect dude to hold your beer - Watch this Bromy, hold my beer!
Wassaapp! Bromy? Pass me that beer! You've got my back Bromy?
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by Bitbromy May 08, 2018
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