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A pact made between close friends that dictates that if a member of their friend group receives a prolapsed anus, the closest bro must fist it back up into its correct location
"Hey bro, you got prolapsed, lemme brolapse that for you."
by Jeggs March 12, 2018
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When a bro sticks his fist up another bros’s Ass, grabs hold of whatever he can and pulls it out giving his bro a second appendage to pleasure the multiple ladies he has undoubtedly pulled on a night outside (practice advised to reduce sensitivity).
Bro, man needs some help. Can another man give me a brolapse hold tight my man and bendover another mans got you.
by Benbo swaggings December 31, 2017
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The reinsertion of organs by one's bro when a weightlifter experiences a prolapse during a monster set of squats. Usually accompanied by a fist bump and reassertion of "beast-mode" status.
"Matt tried to go beast mode on a 1,200 squat but luckily I was there to brolapse him dude."
by Nak Professional Bro January 20, 2013
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When a group of close friends who consider themselves to be like brothers all "fall out" and go there separate ways for varying reasons.
if 6 friends fall in love with the same girl and everyone fights over her and eventually everyone hates everyone then that girl has caused a brolapse.
by BrotherJimStain April 19, 2011
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The average bro that mooches off his friends and does nothing than play Halo, CoD, and WoW or likes to play drinking games while online. The rules would be who ever gets a headshot or gets a beatdown will drink a shot. The biggest douche game ever.
Holy Shit brolapse did you see that headshot/beatdown?? One more for me please. And while your at it can you turn up Dave to full blast man? HAHA
by [zook] LYMON June 22, 2009
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Brolapse, verb:
cease to be proper bros, time apart having incurred a decline from previously high standards of bro-hood; a temporary interval in bro-ness.

the result of one bro giving it to another bro – strictly no homo, or not, who cares – so good that he gets a retrograde colon; a non-fatal but irksome repercussion of brodomy.
"Man, it's been ages, we've totally brolapsed!"

"Its not gay between bros yo, just a harmless bit of brodomy – unless you brolapse, that's not cool."
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