1. No good, or not good.
2. A "Smurf Word". Can be used for almost anything.
1.Man, what a day. that was just broken down!!

2. That's so broken down, it's broken down!
by Alabaster Croti July 25, 2008
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Its like this, its like the West Indies way of talking we talk with a blend of like Jamiacan and British, We call it broken down.
Hey boy, talk broken done na man
by Raj April 22, 2005
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A woman who has beaten every turn and who can not catch a break in life. Usually a used up crack head, or corner prostitute, though can also be explained as a fat assed white trash lady that lives in the busted down house in the middle of your block who has more used car parts in her lawn then grass.
Yo,Sabrina is one Broken Down Bitch.
by Verbal Assault January 24, 2009
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when a guy cant cum because of a tragic accident involving the smashing of his dick
i wouldnt date him,
hes a a broken down skeet skeet
by kayLa SOZK March 15, 2008
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when a woman stands over a man and extracts vaginal juice and pours it on the mans eyebrows

very similar to the rusty iron bullet
Dude that chick was so crazy she asked me to do the broken down lemonade stand, my eyebrows were disgusting for weeks
by cliff poopdick July 22, 2009
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