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A rude person that interrupts people and speaks over them if they don't concede to being interrupted. They generally have a disregard for anything others are talking about. They are known to be loud, obnoxious, and generally inconsiderate of normal social-speaking etiquette. They do this in such a fashion that others wonder if they have ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome or some other mental disorder that makes them incapable of carrying on a conversation, instead turning it into a monologue.
Matt: "Hey, man. You gonna go over to ........(Inaudible because Drew is talking loudly and incessantly about another subject altogether)....... on New Year's Eve?"

Drew: (Overtop of Matt, loudly, and totally off subject)....."Man, I remember the other day I was at 7-11, there was a whole gang of hotties there buying beer and what not!"

Matt: Did you hear I thing I said? Guess not, you're too busy being a rude-ass overtalker.
by Alabaster Croti December 28, 2011
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Extreme exaggeration concerning professional fights like boxing, but especially MMA. The announcers and commercials advertising the fights, usually saying something outlandish in reference to one of the fighters, their style, or their record. Often describing someone as "The Greatest ___ alive"!
Dana White: "This is going to be the biggest fight in the history of MMA!"
Me: "Man, this cat says that EVERY TIME there's a PPV fight, straight fightperbole"!
Joe Rogan: "(Insert name here) is without question the best fighter in the world!"
Me: "Does he have to use so much fightperbole all the time"!?
Frank Shamrock:"He is the best lightweight power puncher in the history of the sport!"
Me: "No, that would be Spencer Fisher. Why so much fightperbole"?
Danielle: "She has the best submission game of any woman in the sport, and better than most of the guys."
Me: "You're so full of shit. That's fightperbole and you know it."
by Alabaster Croti October 15, 2011
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The darkest most painful level of depression.

Complete and utter sadness
I can't believe after half our lives together, over 20 years, she just walked out. I'm just stuck in this deepression, man!
by Alabaster Croti September 24, 2011
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1. No good, or not good.
2. A "Smurf Word". Can be used for almost anything.
1.Man, what a day. that was just broken down!!

2. That's so broken down, it's broken down!
by Alabaster Croti July 25, 2008
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What you do when you're having withdrawals from illicit drugs, especially opiates, ie; oxycodone. Literally kicking your legs around under the blankets because you can't get comfortable.
Man, it's been a tough couple days. I been at home gettin ill by my lonesome. Ain't had any oxies in a minute, man I'ma have to kick the covers for a couple days!
by Alabaster Croti August 04, 2011
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1. A word used to define almost anything. At any time. For any reason.
1. Yo! Carchee said "Broken Down" so much, he made that sh*t a smurf word!
by Alabaster Croti July 25, 2008
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