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Used in place of a close friend's name in an act of bromance.
Anthony- "Sup, Alex?"

Alex- "Not much. Hbu, Brojangles?!"
by John Tiddlesworth June 08, 2009
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The excessive amount of jewelry worn around the wrists and necks of "Bros"
Look at Brojangles over there! He's rocking a silver cross, eight watches, and some double zero gauges with his Affliction shirt!
by Enzo_Da_Boss June 17, 2011
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A term describing a social gathering involving consumption of Bojangles' chicken n' biscuits. Usually heard at tailgate parties or cookouts.
Brojangles Hey man if your not busy this friday, me and the boys are going early to the football game for some Brojangles.
by The urbster September 15, 2010
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A male friend who uses song and dance as a way to whoo women
Leif must really be worked-up tonight, He's pulling the old brojangles on that bachlorette party.
by Prasky August 17, 2007
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A name for or multiple necklaces worn by men. usually gaudy. This term was coined by Tyra Banks
" dude, i just saw Russell Brand sporting some sweet brojangles"
by HOjangle March 17, 2010
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A person who is way awesome and More than a brother To a person.
I was hanging out with my Bro-Jangles, he is the coolest guy in the world.

My Bro-Jangles was Nailing this chick and he let me get at her he is really a BAMF guy.
by Hero_of_PACIFIC April 23, 2010
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