The stage that comes after a bromance. Brofriends are exceptionally close, often closer than brothers, and regularly chose each other over their girlfriends/boyfriends because they are so important to one another. Although brofriendships can occur between a male and a female and between two females, it is most common between two males.

To reach an epic level of brofriendship, the two parties must raise a child together (usually only happens when the parent is a single parent).
Brofriends are not afraid to show their closeness, which often results in them being mistaken for romantic partners. However, this relationship is fully platonic, though there are a number of epic 'brohugs' involved.

Brofriendship is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated in society.
Person 1: "So I heard James and Levi disappeared last night and slept in the same room. Are they together or something?"

Person 2: "Nah, they're just brofriends..."
by Vickigail November 07, 2012
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A term used to define a close friendship with one or more heterosexual males. Spoken from a male perspective, the classifier 'brofriend' can be used similarly to the way a women may refer to her close female friends as 'girlfriends'. Thus avoiding the potential awkwardness of refering to ones male friends as boyfriends.

Note: Avoid using the abbreviated 'bf' since this may be misunderstood as a shorthand abbreviation for 'boyfriend'.
"WHAT!? No no we're just brofriends. There is totally a difference!"
- In response to using the abbreviated 'bf'.
by Alfred :) December 22, 2009
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The word someone uses when their boyfriend is more of a bro than an SO.

*Could be a sign of wanting to break up, but also could be a term of endearment. It all depends on who's saying it.
He's a boyfriend, but also a bro! A Brofriend! I get the best of all worlds!
by Libbuhtayy June 04, 2014
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A term used to describe a friend who is a bro that you are friends with for the sole purpose of using his massive bro truck.

Intelligent people with small cars usually have at least one of these.
Oh, he's me brofriend, he lets me use his bro truck when i'm moving large shit.
by WestSideMcFly December 08, 2010
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Two men who share special bond. The relationship between best friends and brothers. Men with such relationships usually spend an unlimited time together sharing many inside jokes and reflections on past events shared. In order to obtain such a relationship to be titled as "brofriends" both men involved must already surpass the titled of "best friends" to the point where its common to be referred to as brothers.

Being brofriends does not include any romantic implications.
"Did you hear Derek say anything bad about Sean?"
"Of course not, they're brofriends. They're tighter than a dolphins butt"
by Grégoire de Fronsac March 29, 2010
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Two straight men who are more than just friends; they're best friends and are often found talking/hanging out. A long term bromance.
where'd they go? "They left with their brofriends a while ago"
by derbear February 20, 2013
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