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The stage that comes after a bromance. Brofriends are exceptionally close, often closer than brothers, and regularly chose each other over their girlfriends/boyfriends because they are so important to one another. Although brofriendships can occur between a male and a female and between two females, it is most common between two males.

To reach an epic level of brofriendship, the two parties must raise a child together (usually only happens when the parent is a single parent).
Brofriends are not afraid to show their closeness, which often results in them being mistaken for romantic partners. However, this relationship is fully platonic, though there are a number of epic 'brohugs' involved.

Brofriendship is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated in society.
Person 1: "So I heard James and Levi disappeared last night and slept in the same room. Are they together or something?"

Person 2: "Nah, they're just brofriends..."
by Vickigail November 07, 2012

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An epic hug between brofriends. It's so epic it's awesome, and nobody will ever lampoon a brohug for fear of social annihilation.

Often takes place at inappropriate or random times when the emotion of a brofriendship becomes too much to bear.

Brohugs are never awkward, and always involve full on body contact, rather than awkward hovering or back patting.

Do not fear the brohug, for it is beautiful.
Levi: "Come on buddy, lets brohug it out!"

James: *Leaps into Levi's arms*
by Vickigail December 05, 2012

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An epic slapping together of hands by brofriends. Doesn't involve any other body parts, JUST HANDS! A guy five should hurt the palm of your hand, otherwise you aren't doing it right. Your hand should tingle for hours afterwards.

A guy five is done when something epic has happened, or when the excitement of life and brofriendship gets to be too much. Often coupled with a brohug.

Guy fives should be celebrated in society and performed regularly.
Levi: "OMG I just designed a new rug!"

James: "GUY FIVE!"

*Huge slapping noise reverberates throughout the world*
by Vickigail December 07, 2012

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