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A chick who is like a bro to you. One that you could consider your homie.
Grab me a beer broette. Whats up broette?
by Chiller8000 September 10, 2010
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Not all girls can be broettes, some can be like sisters, but only the rarest and best are broettes, because they are like bros.
1. A broette, when u say wanna be my wingman and her first answer is hell yeah, not yes with a sigh, but hell yeah as if it was a personal challenge for her to get u laid.
2. When the girl comes up to u and says;"your a good guy I will hook u up because you deserve it."
3. When she says to u; "oh you can sleep with her, just don't go out with her cuz she crazy."
4. You can call on her anytime of night, because she's like a bro.
5. When you can call her and say; "there is a dead hooker in my car =o", and she answers: "gimme 20 minutes, i'm gonna go buy a shovel."
by Olli777 March 21, 2013
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A girl who is clearly a bro and participates in bro-like activities.
That Russian girl is such a broette.
by Whats up world April 05, 2010
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A female who has completely changed the way you see certain girls who are your friends. Someone you can consider having a great bond but not actually being a male, therefore adding the "ette" at the end, to still respect the fact that she is a female after-all. This does mean that you have zero feelings of wanting her to be your girlfriend because you see her as an extremely close friend and that is all.
Example 1) Gabbi you're my number one broette you've always been there for me from the start. I <3 my broette Gabbers!

Example 2) If you have a female who is your best friend and you being a male, sooner or later you'll consider her your broette.
by Malfunctionz September 16, 2010
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The female equivalent of a bro. Although native to the west coast, broettes can be found at almost any state school campus in the greater United States.

criteria to identify a broette:

-peroxide damaged hair
-orange skin
-thinks UGGs go with everything
-wears skater and surf apparel but participates in neither activity
-has a beer gut
-thinks visting Cancun qualifies 'well-traveled'
-has a naval piercing or naval piercing scar
-dates a guy who drives a lifted truck/SUV OR drives her own lifted truck/SUV
-butt crack and thong are visible

+ 100 broette points if she listens to Linkin Park, Hoobastank, or any rap-rock fusion.

+ 1,000 broette points if she considers Britney Spears or Jenna Jameson a personal inspiration.
"Check out that broette in the Von Dutch hat -- her thong is hella cutting her lower back tattoo."
by carrot-flowers August 02, 2005
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A girl who acts like a bro participating in bro-like activities while also keeping up her femininity as a girl hence the "ette". A broette often dresses preppy but will also drink brews and just hang with the guys without losing her sex appeal.
Guy 1- "dude did you see that broette?"
Guy 2- "yeah man she drank brews with us last night and watched the game"
Guy 1- " Wow a hott girl that can chill? She's defintiely a broette"
by Laxbro87 October 22, 2010
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