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Fat, Hairy, sweaty man titties.
Dude buddy, look at that dudes Brobes, dude. They are like majestic, dude buddy.
by noodle1980 June 17, 2009
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An ordinary t-shirt ripped directly in half. Could be any t-shirt, but MUST be ripped in half to be considered a brobe.
Bro 1- Yo did you see Lance rip his T-shirt in half?

Bro 2- Yeah, he was making his very first brobe.
by mindbloweruper October 23, 2011
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Its a piece of clothing commonly used/worn when you have a Broath. Its a robe for bros. Referring to Barney Stinson from "How I met your mother".

Episode 19, Season 7.
Me and my bros wore our brobes to the broath.
by Brother Kludex March 13, 2018
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