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A clan of guys (usually found in four packs) who stick together as a unit, through thick and thin, handjob to blowjob. They have each others back in everything they do. They can be seen in random places such as Publix, Wally, malls, mosh pits, concerts, beaches, eating at Jason's Deli, and rebounderz.

Common characteristics of them would be drinking Monster Energy drinks, driving in SRT4's, talking about how horny they are, making fun of ricers, blasting Cascada/Basshunter/a7x, wearing speedos, jager bombs, shouting loud/random things, slapping each other, and screaming "'Scuse me, can i talk'chu fo' a minute?" at insanely beautiful women (occasionally in their speedos).

If a bro-he wants to feel extra sexy, he would wear the signiture 'Affliction & Jeans' combo.

Bro-he's are badass and probably are better than you at everything.

Interest of a typical Bro-he: MMA, Monster, sex, women, milfs, cars, good music, jager, and more women.

Basically, if you are a bro-he, you have a unit of some of the best friends you can get that would die for you in a second, but ditch you when it comes to having sex, which is all good, because of the Bro-he Manlaw.
"What's up, bro-he?"
"Bro-he, where you at?"
"Bro-he, did you see that ass?"
by Scott Mike Josh Austin November 29, 2008
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