Bro-check - a close friend, homeboy, bro, wingman etc.
"What up brocheck? You ready to get blacked out drunk (B.O.D.), maybe get some B face tonight? Fo sure, I'm already sportin the b gogs."
by Bigskiyesme July 29, 2005
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The act of checking your friend after a night of partying to be sure that he is where he needs to be, is not dead, and is in a safe and secure location.
My friend and I got wasted last night and drove all over town, but after a routine bro-check this morning, I decided he was safe.
by MysticWraith August 14, 2011
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an honorable form of security to those following the doctrine of bro-ism. A bro must always check with his fellow bros before macking or engaging any further with any biddy or hoe. Essentially, a guy must check with his bros to make sure that his hoe is fo sho.
A bro sees a ho that he likes and wants to mack on. It dont matter if it for a day or infinity years, he have to check with tha bros to make sure this hoe/biddy is fo sho. Bro checks are usually initiated upon the sounding of the bro-horn
by Keeper of the Bro-Horn February 13, 2008
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When a fellow Bro is trying to be the man and it is quickly realized he is failing. His fellow Bros can "Bro-check" him by making him chug a five hour energy. This is the practice known as "Bro-Checking".
Yoooo Scott was trying to talk big game about how many girls hes fucked at a pregame and it was a easy decision to "Bro Check" him in front of everyone.

Scott was eating hot wings last night and made it a point to tell the table he had not taken a sip of water. BRO CHECKED

Scott was at the bar last night and that bro just kept talking about how much cocaine he does. I obviously Bro Checked him.
by sloppyjay January 7, 2011
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1. (Verb) When a classic 'Bro' archetype clips you in a bar/party setting and keeps on walking. Similar to the way checking is used in hockey.

2. (Verb) A hard shoulder check used to tell strangers that you're an alpha-male.
e.g.; "Hey Betty, did you see that? The huge meat-heat over at the end of the bar bro-checked Thomas as he was walking by. What a douche, Thomas spilled his beer all over himself and the guy didn't even turn around to say sorry. Well, at least that guy looked good doing it in his rhinestone bedazeled dragon themed Affliction extra-medium T-shirt."
by ChrisBru September 27, 2013
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