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Beautiful, but they never admit it. Elegant, and exotic. Smart, creative. Music junkie. She usually has something on her mind and has a tendency to make a random comment that has absolutely nothing to do with the current conversation. She is full of life and almost always happy. Loves to dance and stay fit. Her smile will capture you and her eyes will hypnotize you. Passionate,has a good heart, expressive, outgoing. Down to earth, and easy to fall for. Would rather push through the pain herself than inflict it onto others.; strong. She's naive and believes people are sincere and genuine. This is her major downfall setting her up for heartbreak. Often said she looks like a bitch, but is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Don't ever let her slip away.
"Britnie, you're the one"
by YAYAYAYAYA1234 October 25, 2011
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A really beautiful person and a really kind person that cheers you up when you fell sad and makes your day. She happens to be the only girl that I have loved this much. She makes you happy when your around her.
I love you Britnie.
by BrandonlovesBritnie December 23, 2017
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