To back brim is to give me head.
"I backed that buff boy brim"
"Will you give me brim"
by Fiona89 May 13, 2005
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A rude noise emmanating from between the buttcheeks. A fart.
Christopher blamed the brim he'd just done on the old lady standing next to him in the bookstore.
by la vérité October 1, 2008
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Another word used for describin oral sex amongest the youth of today
e.g. your gal gave me brims last night


another example did you get the brims
by Dewi January 15, 2004
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1.) Being so close to the edge of losing your mind, that you fear falling over the egde or brim of sanity.
2.) Something is so insanely good, it makes you crazy.
Origin: a conversation with a completely moronic boss who said this in error, thought it might make good in urban lingo.
Past tense: brim'd
"I'm so f*&$ing busy I'm getting the brims"
- alternatively -
"my boss has the brims so I can't go for lunch"
- alternatively -
"that guy is over the brim!"
- alternatively -
"this vodka is bringing me back from my brims"
by aca/CanadaGirl June 18, 2004
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noun referring to something really stupid or ridiculous... usually used as a response
What you just said is a big fat brim!
by bac February 2, 2005
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In this humorous viral video, the immediate focus of attention is the man's Yankees baseball cap. However, unlike the vast majority of baseball caps, this particular one has no brim, making it remarkably unorthodox in terms of our societal norms and traditions.

As the cameraman revolves around the man in question, the viewer is met with the daunting reality: there is indeed no brim. One may find amusement in both the existence of the brimless baseball cap and the exaggerated astonishment in the cameraman's unwarranted reaction. This video has been widely regarded as the first recorded proof of a brimless Yankee hat in all of human history.

by st. percy April 21, 2020
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The greatest hat of all time. It's a yankee baseball cap that has had the brim removed.
by BruhMoment1738 April 10, 2020
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