"Tom almost made that free throw...yea he brim'd it!!"
by plattnnum November 4, 2009
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Guy: Woah! Yankee with no brim!
Guy wearing yankee: *casually wearing a hat without a brim*
by Memeapproved May 14, 2020
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"An insert word for a plentiful resource or item
"Yo pass me the brim cuh." "The Yankee with no brim!"
by Jack sme off April 16, 2020
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the act of two individuals hats brims nimbly touch, or grind, or skim eachother.
yo dawg, we just brimmed.

did you just brim me?
by paytonsmellslikebuttholes January 19, 2009
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When your hat doesn’t have the brim
Did you see Kyle without no brim
by Eebabya June 26, 2020
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When people say Back Brim, it meenz give hed, suck cock.
Will u back me brim?
by Brimmer November 14, 2003
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