When a large turd takes it's sweet time "creeping" out of the brim of one's asshole.
I was outside the bathroom today and it sounded like poor Joey was suffering from a Brim Creeper
by MisterFlamingo October 22, 2018
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To tip, turn, and/or dip one's hat in a ghetto/gangsta fashion.
That nigga lookin' fresh cocking the brim of his yankee fitted.
by JooiePooie December 3, 2010
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Brim distance defines how far away from another man's face you can get, before it's considered "homo". When you're in a fight, and two men get "all up in each other's face", they can only get so close, before it gets intimate. This distance is measured by "brim distance". If you are wearing a hat (59fifty is recommended for maximum distance) and your brim is touching the other man's forehead, then that's within brim distance and "no homo". However, if you are any close than brim distance, it just became sexual.
Person 1: What did you just call me!?!?
Person 1: *Gets up in the other man's face*
Person 2: Wow wow wow, you just got way close than brim distance man. Chill out with that, it's gettin' creepy.
by Conor Davidson June 1, 2009
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yankee with no brim was a video posted by a YouTuber that goes by the name of krusty. That shows a man wearing a yankee hat with you guessed it, no brim.
by I’m.nutty April 13, 2020
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When somebody screws up and lets another person down, they have bent the brim. This phrase is interchangeable with "You dun goofed."
When Ken Griffey Jr. failed to release a sequel to his fantastic N64 videogame, he bent the brim according to many fans.

After johnny screwed up his friend's plans by getting arrested, joey stated "Dammit Johnny, you really bent the brim on this one."

"You've completely bent the brim this time Bradley", mom exclaimed after finding my brother stealing cookies.
by Im so hip August 7, 2014
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