A drunken Irish dipshit from Boston. Commonly found in bars, Charlestown, and jail cells. Hate the Yankees because they're "rich douches" (TRANSLATION: Wealthy due to winninng) and "they suck" (TRANSLATION: Win a lot and piss off Sox fans who are of course poor). Being one of these is as gratifying as being a shit taken by a giraffe. If the Sox lose, they fuck up everything in their path. If the Sox win, they fuck up everything in their path. Quite simply, they're violent wife-beaters, but can be better described as drunk, violent, retarded, pathetic, poor, dirty, uneducated, and the guys who got the short end of the stick.
Random Guy:"Hey dude the Yankees just won their 27th World Series!"

Red Sox Fan: "FUCK YOU! FUCK THE YANKEES! THEY'RE LOSERS WHO ARE RICH CUZ THEY EARN MORE THAN MY ANNUAL $5,000! Excuse me while I drink and beat a guy to death."
by Sox Fans Dont Pass Junior High November 29, 2010
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Someone that lives and dies for the Red Sox. Someone that spent their childhood at Fenway park no matter if the Sox won or lost. Someone who knows that the Red Sox will always be better than the Yankees.
Person 1: Did you see the Sox game last night?

Person 2: Obviously! I was there!

Person 1: You ARE a true Red Sox Fan
by anonymouswritter May 19, 2009
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The Most Immature, Hypocritical, Bias fans in all of baseball.
They care more about the Yankees losing than anything else. They bring up every negative thing they find about other teams yet they do the same thing...there just to dumb to realize it
If you wanna see examples of what i just said type in Red Sox then type in Yankees...isnt it odd that the yankees page has more red sox fan comments than yankee fan comments?? And the Red Sox page has nothing but red sox fans....why arent yankee fans commenting on that page.....they are a little more mature and normal..and it proves my statement about RedSox fans caring more about the yankees losing than anything else..
by ChipmunkDeluxe July 30, 2006
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The team with the most ridiculous, stupid, bandwagon, don't know their ass from their mouths fans in all of sports. Here's the problem with red sox fans: You win a couple times and all the sudden you think the whole sports world needs to bow down to you. They are a bunch of contradicting fans that think they KNOW EVERYTHING. They rip on the Yankees and their fans thinking it makes them look superior, but it makes them look SO STUPID! They have such loud mouths for a team that hasn't won much in their history. They spend their entire days trying to find ways to put the Yankees down, almost bully like. And we all know that bullies do that because they feel incompetent and have low self-confidence. They're also the team that doesn't know how to win properly. The Yankees in their years won with grace, sportsmanship and pride. The Red Sox win with disgusting sportsmanship and gross actions (ex. dancing on the yankee dugout after you beat them in game 7 in 2004. Smoking cigars and dancing on busch field after you beat the cardinals). Find me a Yankee player that did that in Fenway Park and tell me all of Boston wouldn't be up in arms. Plain and Simple: Boston fans have a lot to learn. Their like a really disrespectful and immature child. They need to grow up.
"The worst fans in all of baseball are red sox fans."
by c972347023 March 11, 2009
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Red Sox fans are the most annoying, immature, and disrespectful fans in all of baseball. They like to pretend that players like David Ortiz are perfect and never did steroids. They are hypocritical to the extreme, and always talk shit before they should. For example, red sox fans chanted "You do Steroids" at Alex Rodriguez who admitted to using steroids and admitted it was wrong. Yet, soon afterward David Ortiz was named as one of the people who tested positive for preformance enhancing drugs as well AND HE DENIED IT. Red Sox fans complain that the Yankees are overpaid but the Red sox are the second highest paid team in Major League baseball. AND the yankees have 20 more championships than the red sox. After the 2004 red sox won the world series, red sox fans became more annoying then ever before. WE GET IT, yes, the yankees did choke, and us yankee fans were very upset about it. However, we've moved on and you assholes bring it up every chance you get just to spite us. And then we humiliate you by reminding you that you will NEVER in this century compare to the Yankees. The yankees may be very generously paid but at least they play with class and sportsmanship. ANDDDD we have possibly the greatest closer who has ever lived and you have Jonathan Papplebon, a fucking disrespectful, arrogant piece of shit. Red sox fans, get over yourselves. When you win 20 more championships, then maybe you can talk shit.
Red sox fans bitched and moaned for nearly a century until they won their prescious world series in 2004 and 2007 and now they won't shut the fuck up about their gay ass red sox nation
by jd1993 August 13, 2009
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Red Sox fans are the most pathetic, whiny, and horrible pieces of shit on the planet Earth. You assholes finally got your World Series, AND YOU ARE STILL WHINY!!! YOU CUNTS CAN NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN! These cum guzzling gutter sluts probably don't realize they have become exactly what they hate!! They ARE the Yankees now! They think the world revolves around their team and the team is God's gift to their lives. They buy every single big name free agent (Ramirez, Schilling, Beckett, Pedro, etc.), and they are hypochondriacs on the highest level, and are twice as cocky and arrogant as Yankee fans. At least Yankee fans don't make death threats to someone who wears a Sox jersey on the streets of Manhattan. Shit man, the Cubs and White Sox waited longer than you assholes. The White Sox deserved to win last year. The Cubs deserve it more because they are at least pleasant to be around. Babe, Bucky, Buckner, Boone. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE RUINED YOUR LIVES PSYCHOS!!! And you wonder why Buckner stiffed you assholes at the ring ceremony. You can have that fat fuck (Ortiz), you can have shitlocks (Manny), you can have the Bush loving redneck asshole (Schilling), you can have Varidickless, and you can have Papelshit. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP THREATNING ME AND MY FAMILY for rooting for the Yankees you pieces of shit. That's it, That's my statement!!!!
Aaron Boone. Game 7. Walk-off home run. Greatest moment in baseball history. FOX shows Pedro, Nixon, and Red Sox fans in Yankee Stadium crying. 'Nuff said.
by MTS July 14, 2006
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1) Annoying snob that watches the Red Sox get their asses handed to them every season. Usually reluctant to admit that winning in '04 and '07 does not make up for 100 years of failure.

2) Usually confused with moron.

3) Talks with annoying gay accent.

4) Jealous that the Yankees have 27 (count 'em) world series rings.
e.g how to communicate with a red sox fan

"Bawsten sawks cawk" or the more accepted, "kiss mah ahss"

synonyms with gay faggot sucks
by JOAShbacon July 20, 2012
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