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They might seem aloof at times, but this is because they're calculating the risks of a new friendship. Don't let them intimidate you because a lot of the time, they are shy themselves. Being witty is always a plus in their book, aswell as being able to uphold a conversation. They like it when someone can understand their sarcastic humor. They're drawn to people who bring up mind stimulating topics. They enjoy classy people but once in awhile befriend someone not so uptight.

The most common combinations are green eyes and black hair, brown eyes and brown hair, or brown eyes and blonde hair.

They like who they like and they tend to go for more established, slightly older individuals. They're highly drawn to success and power with a dash of humor. They often appear shy and reserved but are very humorous and enjoy having a good time. They will loosen up when they're comfortable, so if you see them being more open, you're doing good. Most tend to like someone very straightforward and somewhat possessive of them. They want their partner to care about them as much as they do, if not more.
"Hey, remember Bridgette?"

"Yeah! How could I forget?"
by #ABIYS March 19, 2019
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Bridgette is definitely a keeper. She usually has brown hair and brown eyes. She really is single most of the time so don't be afraid to ask her out she probably won't reject you.
Wow, I love Bridgette
by #ABIYS December 21, 2016
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harp could mean "not cool", "dude that suuuucks", or "so not rad".

origin: Bridgette Lauria, August 24th 2020
"I heard she got caught with drugs."
"Dude... Harp."
by #ABIYS October 26, 2020
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This day is when St Nicholas Chicken was born. He is very German and this day replaces Valentines day because Valentines day is rigged.
"Yes, the Feburary 14th!"
by #ABIYS February 15, 2022
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