someone who is usually always irish with intreguing blue eyes. As with most irish people, he is almost always easier to figure out while heavily induced with alcohol. You're never sure if you want to date this person, or aviod them at all costs. Brian generally has no enemies, but at times is intensely disliked by his friends. He is great at making you feel big emotions, while using small words, and half ass'd glances.
That Brian is like great sex with your husbands best friend: highly addictive, and usually brings guilty feelings later.
by Lbebe22 November 25, 2006
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Brian, a Irish name, means just that you have a HUGE penis. Girls love it. Your also cute, funny, and very outgoing.
"Wow, last night I saw Brian's penis and it was HUGE!"

"Wow, i am so jealous that Brian isn't my boyfriend."

Look at that crazy Brian, very outgoing."
by CelticsFanatic342432 April 18, 2010
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Usually referred to a big black bear. Has the ability to kill you but is too damn lazy and just goes "wwwooowwwww......."
Son of a Brian!

Damnit! stop being such a Brian!
by Damnit Brian! November 06, 2008
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Brian is a beast and a tease. Very athletic by nature, he is commonly the #1 star on any given team. If he plays ice hockey, he will automatically be the #1 defense man.
"If you don't have a brian on your team, then you don't have defense!"

"Wow, you couldn't score?...you just got Brian'd"
by PJ81 January 24, 2013
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a sweet, loveable guy who is always there for you.
an ex-COD addict.
has beautiful eyes, and a great heart.
has a large butt, especially for a boy.
also, is very loved :)
Courtney: Gah. I love Brian. He's the sweetest guy ever.
All other girls: YEAH!!
by hmmyourbestfriend(: January 05, 2011
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