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Brendy is a pretty ,smart, nice,fun person she can give you an attitude
Brendy is a really nice girl
by princess5461 June 15, 2018
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A preppy, semi-dim-witted girl often seen in clusters (ie. Brendies.) Brendies often come from wealthy families and are typically naive to the ways of the world, men, and suffering of other people. A Brendy can usually be marked by blonde hair, squeaky voice, short skirts, over-sized handbags, small dogs in purses, far-away expressions, pink clothing/accessories etc. etc. etc. (I'm sure you get the gist.) though these characteristics are not always present, chances are you will still know a Brendy when you see one.
"Ugh! It's another Brendy."

"I can't stand those Brendy girls."
by Eyebrowz December 21, 2012
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dodgey boy whos nickname is hitler because if he had the chance he'd kill every one related to you
I threatened my girlfriend by saying I'd brendy her.
by hitler February 03, 2004
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