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A commonly used vocal styling within the Grindcore Genre.

it is a high pitched squeeling noise, wherein the lyrics become indecipherable. its awesome.
Breet Breet Breeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!
by joebeatdown October 26, 2006
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Commonly used in Northern England, most notably in the Wigan area and is another way of saying 'be reet' - a basic shortening of the phrase 'it'll be alright'.

Often said to be reassuringly optimistic after something bad has happened.
Person number 1: Ahhh no mert, a jus' got 'it by t'buzz an' me chippy tea gorr all squished!
Person number 2: Breet.
by shutupcaf August 20, 2009
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arrhythmic; with an unsteady pulse, commonly used with "hens"
by c. dick run January 15, 2004
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