Colonial short-pants, made using a button fly and fastening below the knee, usually worn with stockings. Very manly, back in the day.
"My, Lord Hendrickson has stunningly good breeches, wouldn't you say, old chap?"

'Yes, indeed."
by JimBob McRedneck November 12, 2010
non-sense, something misrepresented, not what you thought it was
I thought she was hot, but she isn't, this shit is breech
by Cleavus Johnson March 4, 2004
A word only used by the cuntiest, baddest bitches. Legend says that if a local says it Badbitchaka will come and slay them
omg breech
hey breech”
by PPG Babushkaaa May 7, 2019
While in the act of sexual intercourse oral or vaginal a partner is deprived of breathing air and upon release they rise up to breath like that of a "Breeching Whale"
1.A couple having intercourse while in a hot tub during the males run up the a climax he inadvertinlly holes the head of his partner under water after climax he releases her as she surfaces for air she resembles a "Breeching Whale".
2.This can also be done out of water,a couple in bed the woman giving the man head he has the blankets pulled over her body and head during the run up to climax he lets a fart slip out holding her down until he climaxes and then releasing her she throws off the covers and surfaces like a "Breeching Whale"gasping for fresh air.
by shankmiester March 23, 2011
Male Passive Homosexual. Originally from German Hinterlader translated into english.
He is a breech loader he loves it from behind.
by Unsermannklaus October 14, 2004
painful bowel movement. Like feeling of giving birth to a breech baby, feet first.
Unfotunately, I just breech bombed. That was a painful trip to the bathroom.
by scott t loc May 5, 2010
The act of shoving a large amount of poop back into one's ass. May be used as torture, pleasure, or a method of passing time. May also be done alone, with a partner, or in large groups of self breech loading or mutual breech loading. May also use oneselves poop, the partners poop, or a combination of both people's poop.
"Bob" was bored one day. "Bob" took a massive dump. "Bob" caught his own poop in his hand and had breech loaded it back into his ass by the act of breech loading.
by maker of Grand Exchange December 25, 2010