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Another synonym for the original term, "Brother" which eventually changed to "Bro" for shortness and simplicity. This term is usually stated with a minor accent and in a brief manner; however, it can also be stated slower to provide a smoother end from the mouth.

This term has been passed down from generation to generation, from bro to bro, bruh to bruh, gro to gro, and now finally--bree to bree.

This term is not solely used as a girl's nickname; however, it can also be used that way in order to present herself in a more masculine manner.
Bree, step up your game, bree.

Bree, you're all bark and no bite.

Bree, please, forreal bree?

Bree, you almost smacked another bree, bree.
by Iron Pan October 29, 2014

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