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Noun, English slang: means a person who is being a complete fucking arsehole about Brexit.
Often seen on social media, gloating about 'are country back' to middle ages.

Farage is the mother of all brectums.

Brectum Broadcast Corporation very often broadcasts famous brectums like Farage and Mogg.

synonyms: gammon, brextremist, brexshitter, quitling, leaver.
You're such a brectum mate.

Have you seen Farage the arch-brectum on Brexit Broadcast Corporation again? What a gammon. The stupid quitlings believe everything that comes from his brectum.
by Val665 September 13, 2018
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A Brexit voter who takes his wealth and business to mainland Europe after the Brexit referendum, (the least offensive of a selection).
Old Jacob's a real Fuckin Brectum.
by Josey Wales123 August 09, 2018
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Brectum- Brectum is the sensation of having your rectum burn.
"That blue angel gave me brectum." "I shouldn't of ate that Indian food, it gave me brectum". "brectum damn near killed him".
by Napoleon420 January 29, 2015
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