A girl to die for. She is unique, gorgeous, and one in a million. You want her as a friend, she will stand up for you no matter what. Always looking for an adventure. A great girlfriend, she is perfect, and everyone knows it. She is a great baker, artist, and musician. She is interesting, and you can't resist talking to her for hours. She is funny, and trustworthy. She will carry out any promise. Has an excellent memory, but doesn't reveal too much of her true self. She is adored by all, though some may not admit it. Everyone wants a breanne in her life. She can't always decide on things, but is very passionate for the things she believes in. She is a great actress, and can exaggerate with ease.
-person 1--hey, what do you think if that breanne?

Person 2--oh, she is amazing!!!
by Kittyk1210 November 27, 2014
A variant of an Irish name for girls (Brianna), typically used by English speaking people. It means 'strong', which can be interpreted as strong in body or strong in spirit.
It is also a variant of the English name: Breanna; which can mean noble or exalted.

Many people with this name love the unique qualities of the name, as it is not a common name, only appearing on the top 1000 names chart for a short time (1980-2000) reaching a peak popularity of #470, unlike it's male equivalent, Brian.

As her namesake says, she is a strong female, not realizing the true depths of herself. She can be and should be treated like royalty, because she is deserving of it. Her one true calling is that she is a friend, and loves everyone, to the point of putting her own happiness aside to help others. Loyal and brave, anyone bearing this namesake has a huge reputation to live up to, and yet does it with ease.

If you ever meet a Breanne, make sure to take the time to get to know them, you may just find your life changed in ways you never expected.
Breanne was so caring that she took time out of her own day to comfort a total stranger that was crying.
by Rauchster February 20, 2012
Breanne is the best person you will ever meet, there is no doubt about it. She is incredibly nice and wont let you down. She is always there for you whenever you need her. She is extremely smart in everything she does. She loves the outdoors and has a thing for dogs, especially puppies. She is going to be the hottest, sexiest, cutest, prettiest, most gorgeous and beautiful person you will ever meet. She is the best girl friend you could ever ask for, and if you are dating a Breanne, you wont want to ask for a different girlfriend.
"Hey, what do you think of Breanne?"

"OMG I love her, she is always there for me"
by 7's are cool July 17, 2019
Usually a name of one of the prettyest girls on the planet and she is also very sexy, shes a very good kisser and has a great ass, she's nice but doesnt take any shit from anyone, she seems like good girl but is actually realy bad ass, likes to play sports and is very good at them and isnt affaid to kick some ass, she is the perfect girl.
Breanne is my sweatie <3 and i love her
by JESUSman2000 March 23, 2009
Very Sassy and Sarcastic
"Oh yeah I totally love her"

"That is very Breanne of you"
by HA Got You January 7, 2013
There’s literally one guy in the world named Breanne and that’s me. Very sad I can’t find any male Breanne’s out there :(. Thicc ass. Good friend. Nickname is Bean.
Breanne is a super duper fun guy. Wholesome bean. Deserves all the love
by Beanyboy3000 May 9, 2020
An irish name meaning strong. Usually this name signifies irish heritage. And the person is very unique and pretty.
Boy; well, breanne is looking very pretty and strong today.
Other Boy; her name means strong and very unique AND pretty. I looked it up on urban dictionary.
by Alex Avery. July 16, 2008