An irish name meaning strong. Usually this name signifies irish heritage. And the person is very unique and pretty.
Boy; well, breanne is looking very pretty and strong today.
Other Boy; her name means strong and very unique AND pretty. I looked it up on urban dictionary.
by Alex Avery. July 16, 2008
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Normally one of the names of the most unique girls on the planet. A great friend and an even better Wii tennis player. Has a natural habitat of the hot tub or living room. Has a deep passion for Michael Cera movies and/or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Can be incredibly mean but has your back at the drop of a hat. Is an extraordinary cookie baker and a mediocre student.
Jon: I believe the stars moved when Breanne walked in the room.
by BIGNASTY07 October 12, 2011
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There’s literally one guy in the world named Breanne and that’s me. Very sad I can’t find any male Breanne’s out there :(. Thicc ass. Good friend. Nickname is Bean.
Breanne is a super duper fun guy. Wholesome bean. Deserves all the love
by Beanyboy3000 May 09, 2020
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Breanne is so funny. She has a sense of humor. She is caring and won’t let you down. I promise. She’s your BFF.
Breanne is the best.
by x.anonym0us.x November 14, 2020
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A person who is considered to be extremely fat. They dehydrate extremely quickly so must drink water at all times! Considered as whales when used in a sentence , so if someone were to call you a breanne it would be you are so fat - a whale !!
OmGsh you ate 5 burgers ? You are such a breanne !
by XxThaTsaWRAP June 15, 2013
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Someone who loves to laugh, but also knows when to be serious. Often has weird dreams and /or flashbacks of inanimate objects, such as rakes or bar stools. Loves cats, like really, really loves cats. Actually, just an animal person in general. Breanne always has her nails done, but doesn't waste time or money at a salon. She is a DIY kind of girl. She is a cross between extrovert and introvert- she can be the life of the party, but can have a great time all by herself; just pour a glass of wine. Breanne is so bright, like a real sunflower. She also has nice bunz. Get you a Breanne!
Her: "Please wake me up if I start dreaming about rakes again."

Him: "Stop being such a Breanne."
by Breeezy-Bee February 04, 2021
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