"Break you" or "Breaks you" is used to discribe something that scared you in such a sense that you "broke". Can also be used as "Break him, breaks him, breaks me."

Sort of like the sayings "That killed my soul","Killed me inside.","I just died inside."
A massively fat person: *starts humping a small child*
Witness: Uhu...Uh.. That's one of those things that will break you.

Jessica: Man! PDR class with that creepy old man will break you over and over again!
by That kid. April 1, 2006
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When having sex with a female, use slow & deep strokes until your partner is comfortable enough to handle high speed & deep strokes from all angles
Sara: So did you tell him you wanted to have rough sex this weekend?

Ashley: Yeah, but he said " I have to break you in" first .
by ghetto fab August 7, 2015
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The break someone in is the sort of statement that only a slutty and predatorial female would say about what she wants to do to a usually younger guy because she thinks its fun and purely because of that. She doesn't care if he is ready but inadvertently it may make the guy either wizer sexually or more reckless, depending on how affectionate the process is. It is not dissimilar to having a "one nighter."
I wanna admit it, he can be broken in

"Oi I wanna break you in"

"Hey huddy, lets break you in"
by Jack Herrer June 20, 2020
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It means to either beat you up, or beat ya pussy in
by Damiennnn January 6, 2019
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To make the other sexual partner cum. Usually used as a statement to describe what you are going to do, occasionally used after what you already have done.
Tim, I know your home alone tonight, how about I come over and I'll break you off.

Julie, you're being really bitchy today, do you need me to break you off?

I broke her off last night.
by sassyluvv October 29, 2014
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