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1. The gulf between the author of iconic wit and the reader who doesn't get it.

2. A pop-punk/ska band from Berkeley, California.
Joe: "Hey, did you go to the Sarchasm show last night? I did, and it was totally radical!"
Bob: "Radical? Was there a riot?"
Joe: "No... I was being ironically vintage. GAWD."
by THAT kid. March 21, 2012

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"Break you" or "Breaks you" is used to discribe something that scared you in such a sense that you "broke". Can also be used as "Break him, breaks him, breaks me."

Sort of like the sayings "That killed my soul","Killed me inside.","I just died inside."
A massively fat person: *starts humping a small child*
Witness: Uhu...Uh.. That's one of those things that will break you.

Jessica: Man! PDR class with that creepy old man will break you over and over again!
by That kid. April 01, 2006

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